Goodbye to The Anticareerist

Dear readers, supporters, and friends of The Anticareerist, After 20 years, I’ve decided to bring The Anticareerist to a close. (I announced this through the Substack newsletter a couple of days ago, but I want it posted here too.) If you’ve read “A Monstrous Job Culture and What It’s Cost Me,” my previous piece, perhaps

A Monstrous Job Culture and What It’s Cost Me

“It’s really horrific to use the threat of poverty and homelessness as a work incentive…that’s monstrous.”– Karl Widerquist I confess that I sometimes fear I’m doing people—including myself—a disservice by publishing The Anticareerist. I worry that it’s irresponsible of me to promote a hopeful outlook on building a world beyond “earning a living” when it’s

On Doing Nothing: ‘Laziness’ and the Inner Work of Unjobbing and Dejobbing

“Standard parenting/teaching/employment involves an external authority telling you to do stuff – and lots of it. Studying, to start with, and then work. Too much of it, and usually of the wrong sort (not your true calling). Laziness is the natural rebellion against that. “Unjobbing means ignoring that voice, and letting that voice slowly disappear.

The Anticareerist Has Moved From Patreon to Substack

I’m pleased to announce that The Anticareerist is now a subscription newsletter on an impressive new digital publishing platform called Substack, and I’ve bid farewell to Patreon. “Why I Switched From Patreon to Substack” provides a closer look at Substack’s impressive direct subscription model from this writer’s perspective. Here’s the heart of it: “Much as

‘Earning a Living’ and the Dilemma of Unpaid Work

“Earning a Living” and the Dilemma of Unpaid Work On the Injustice of a World Without Unconditional Basic Income by D. JoAnne Swanson [Author’s note: It is my custom to use quotes for the phrase “earning a living” to call attention to its moral injustice.] All of us have basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, rest,

On the ‘Lazy Bums Who Refuse To Work’ Rhetoric

For quite some time now I’ve had an essay in the works (“USA: Land of Suffering With a Smile”) about some of the ways that living and working in the USA resembles a normalized abusive relationship, writ large. The material for this essay has expanded as I write. It’s adapted from “Do What You Love,

On the Meaning of ‘Buying Time’

“Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, a popular song from the 1970s, became my earworm this week. I’d heard it on the radio often as a kid. But this line from the lyrics never made sense to me: “…all your money won’t another minute buy…” Now that I’m older, however, that line makes perfect sense.

Not A Public Figure: Why I’m Leaving Facebook and Twitter

Soon I’ll be leaving Facebook and Twitter permanently. I won’t delete my accounts right away, but I will no longer update them. This means I’m permanently retiring my Facebook page for The Anticareerist. At the moment I have about 1700 followers there. Due to Facebook algorithms, only a tiny fraction of them ever see what

Note To Self: When You Fear You’re Not ‘Productive’ Enough

By D. JoAnne Swanson [Author’s note: this is the first in my “Note To Self” series of personal narratives, written from the perspective of a council of beings offering support, guidance, and self-care from within.] Dear Self: Whenever you start feeling shameful or critical of yourself because of your slow progress on your book manuscripts