Introduction to On the Leisure Track

At long last, I have posted the introduction to my in-progress book manuscript.  I will refrain from commenting at length – for now, at least – about the inherent irony in the fact that it takes an astonishing amount of work to write a book about leisure and rethinking the job culture!

Thank you to everyone whose support, forbearance, friendship, and encouragement has sustained me over the years I have struggled while working on this manuscript and recovering from my divorce.  Without a doubt writing it has been a labour of love, even when it has been most difficult.  I am grateful for the opportunity to do work I love.

When the manuscript is finished and professionally edited, I will be self-publishing it, and will post an announcement.  I’m aiming for an end-of-2011 release, though I cannot guarantee it.

If you like my work, please pass it on, and thank you for reading!