Anticareerist Memes: Petra Bueskens on Basic Income as Gender Justice

Petra Bueskens on gender justice under capitalismWhat would you do differently if our society explicitly valued unpaid contributions, recognising that paid employment isn’t the only—or even necessarily the best—way to participate?
~ The Green Institute

The Green Institute in Australia has released a new publication called “Views of a Universal Basic Income,” featuring a great piece by Petra Bueskens containing the quote here. I decided it needed to become a meme, so with the author’s permission, here it is. As always, feel free to share widely.

As I’ve written elsewhere, I get weary of the overemphasis in the basic income movement on robots taking jobs, when there are so many long-standing fundamental injustices women face that are rarely even mentioned, let alone discussed at an in-depth level.

(Yet the pragmatic side of me says: well, if publicity about robots taking jobs is what it takes to get a UBI passed, all right. Let’s just get on with it, and get it implemented as soon as possible. We need it so desperately!)

[Download the full report here.]

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