The Anticareerist Has Moved From Patreon to Substack

I’m pleased to announce that The Anticareerist is now a subscription newsletter on an impressive new digital publishing platform called Substack, and I’ve bid farewell to Patreon. “Why I Switched From Patreon to Substack” provides a closer look at Substack’s impressive direct subscription model from this writer’s perspective. Here’s the heart of it:

“Much as I respect Patreon, I find Substack’s business model more impressive by orders of magnitude. It’s the first I’ve seen that shows serious promise of getting lots of independent writers paid well enough to quit their day jobs over the long term. […]

“Substack offers writers what Bandcamp offers musicians: an easy way for audiences to pay artists fairly and directly for their work. They can sample the offerings freely and in one convenient place, too, just as music fans do on Bandcamp.”

Issues already posted at Substack (new pieces + reader favorites migrated over from this blog):

1. A Brief History of The Anticareerist
2. What Is Anticareerism and Who’s Behind It?
3. Note To Self Letter #1: When You Fear You’re Not ‘Productive’ Enough
4. On the ‘Lazy Bums Who Refuse To Work’ Rhetoric
5. “Earning a Living” and the Dilemma of Unpaid Work: On the Injustice of a World Without Unconditional Basic Income
6. Note To Self Letter #2: You Don’t Have To Do It All Yourself

The list view archive is an easy way to see all published issues at a glance.

Here’s an outline of what’s to come:

“Notes To Self” is a personal narrative letter series delivered by my inner council, offering guidance along the path toward ‘being the change I wish to see in the world’ and the path away from “earning a living.” Topics include non-doing, unlearning shame about “laziness,” nurturing ancestral connections to motherlands, and more.

“Get-A-Job Nonsense” is a series in which I unpack and critique lazy bums rhetoric, do-what-you-love advice, the notion of financial independence, and other pernicious lies of job culture.

“On Doing Nothing” is a series of philosophical reflections on decolonizing time, non-doing, building a leisure ethic, leisure as resistance, and envisioning a culture of leisure.

“The Deep Sorcery of Colonial Capitalism” is a series in which I unpack and make visible the structural violence of “earning a living” and the ways it’s normalized.

“Feminist Valuation” is a series making visible the unpaid and emotional labor that undergirds “earning a living.”

“The Anticareerist Bookshelf” features book commentary and quotes focusing on un-jobbing, de-jobbing, and building a culture of leisure that can be accessible to marginalized people.

“Slothy Awards” is a series recognizing and appreciating writers for their contributions to my anticareerist thinking over the 20+ years I’ve been studying in this “field” toward a world beyond “earning a living.” (Thanks to Heimlich A. Laguz of Elhaz Ablaze for the title “Slothy Awards.”)

A sampling of who’s on the roster: Peter Frase, Ivan Illich, Michael Fogler, David Frayne, Vivianne Forrester, Molly Scott Cato, Kathi Weeks, Miya Tokumitsu, Kate McFarland, Scott Santens, Ethan Miller, Charles Eisenstein, and many more.


If you appreciate my writing, I hope you’ll consider a paid subscription at $5 per month, or $50 annually. Subscribers who choose the paid tier enable me to spend more time on writing and publishing The Anticareerist. More paid subscriptions = more writing time for me = more for you to read. That’s the best kind of positive feedback loop!

However, there’s no advertising, no pressure, and no guilt-tripping. You can start in the all-access tier and switch over to the paid tier later on, or stick with the all-access tier indefinitely. The choice is yours, according to your budget and interest level. Both subscriber tiers will get something to read every month, and I’m happy to be able to share my writing with you either way. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Subscribers in the all-access tier receive a minimum of one newsletter each month. Paid subscribers receive additional exclusive material, including special draft excerpts from On The Leisure Track: Rethinking the Job Culture as progress on the book manuscript continues.

The Anticareerist will keep its home here as a blog; however, new work will be released on Substack first. I hope you’ll join me over at Substack, and sign up to receive new issues in your inbox the moment they’re released. Thanks!

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