Goodbye to The Anticareerist

Dear readers, supporters, and friends of The Anticareerist,

After 20 years, I’ve decided to bring The Anticareerist to a close.

(I announced this through the Substack newsletter a couple of days ago, but I want it posted here too.)

If you’ve read “A Monstrous Job Culture and What It’s Cost Me,” my previous piece, perhaps the news won’t come as a big surprise.

I still believe in the value of the project itself. My views haven’t changed. However, I’m no longer in a position to make the financial and emotional sacrifices necessary to carry on with it.

When I started (CLAWS, a.k.a. Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery, the first iteration of this project) in 1998, I had the support I needed to do this work.

In 2010, when I started the second iteration “Radical Unjobbing” a.k.a. Rethinking the Job Culture, it was the height of the Great Recession and my circumstances had changed for the worse, but I still managed to release a blog post here and there.

In 2017 my situation improved when I got a day gig as a copywriter, and I re-launched the project as The Anticareerist with high hopes after connecting with Kate McFarland through the basic income movement. Finding Substack in early 2018 provided another surge of hope and commitment.

But without the right kinds of support, hope and commitment aren’t enough to sustain the work. And while basic income has made great strides in recent years, I don’t expect it to be implemented anytime soon.

For awhile, I managed to carry on by making sacrifices elsewhere. But now, with major changes in my personal and family health circumstances, that’s no longer possible for me. Human beings have limits. I’ve given all I can to The Anticareerist, and I’m no longer able to give what it needs. It’s time for me to retire this project; it has run its course. I’ll continue with my writing when I can, but only for other projects.

So here’s what this means for you.

If you’d like to save personal copies of my blog posts or newsletters for your own future reference, you have two weeks to do that. I plan to delete both the blog and the newsletter on April 15.

I hold the copyright to all writings published on the blog and newsletter except for the guest pieces. If you’d like to discuss re-publishing any of my work elsewhere, or purchasing the domain name, please contact me at:

radical.unjobbing AT gmail dot com

My book manuscript (On the Leisure Track: Rethinking the Job Culture) remains unfinished. I do hope I’ll be in a position to finish it one day. But as I mentioned, hope is not enough to sustain the work. If my life ever changes such that I can work on it again, I’ll revisit the idea then.

If you’re a paid subscriber and would like a refund, just let me know, and I will get it to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you kindly for all your support and correspondence. Farewell, and blessings to you all.


-D. JoAnne Swanson

P.S. I’ve also archived all pages from this site to, to ensure that it will be preserved there in its current state before I delete this blog. The same happened with So at least there’s a record of my work as it once appeared, even if I can no longer maintain it myself.


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