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Anticareerist Memes: Petra Bueskens on Basic Income as Gender Justice

“What would you do differently if our society explicitly valued unpaid contributions, recognising that paid employment isn’t the only—or even necessarily the best—way to participate?” ~ The Green Institute The Green Institute in Australia has released a new publication called “Views of a Universal Basic Income,” featuring a great piece by Petra Bueskens containing the quote

Anticareerist Memes: The Idler’s Glossary on Unemployment

The Idler’s Glossary by Joshua Glenn and Mark Kingwell – a playful, thought-provoking little book I often recommend to folks who are in the early stages of rethinking the capitalist work ethic and its ideological underpinnings – is packed with quotes worthy of being made into memes. Here’s one of my favorites. As usual, feel

Anticareerist Memes: Laurie Penny on the Abolition of ‘Work’

To close out 2016, I have one last-minute creative offering for you all: a new quote meme I made, featuring more of feminist writer Laurie Penny’s inspiring words.  This quote is taken from her essay “Let’s Not Abolish Sex Work, Let’s Abolish All Work.” It gets right to the heart of what my Rethinking the

Anticareerist Memes: Why Must We Pay? (Kellia Ramares-Watson)

The late writer and feminist activist Kellia Ramares-Watson, whom I met at a conference just a few months before she died in 2015, often asked: “Why must we pay to live on the planet we’re born on?” It’s a question designed to spur critical thinking about the oppressive systemic requirement that all able-bodied adults “earn