On The Leisure Track: Book Summary and Chapter Titles

Cultivating leisure. In a culture held in thrall to the  Protestant work ethic, the concept of consciously cultivating a culture of leisure sounds suspect to many people, and conjures up images of  frivolity and uselessness. One of the objections to unconditional basic income, for example, is the notion that too much leisure will lead to

Introducing the BIG Polytheist Patreon Creator Network

I now have two Patreon campaigns – one for each of my main projects, Rethinking the Job Culture and The Black Stone Hermitage. I’ll continue to work on both projects enthusiastically, side-by-side, just as I have in the past. My audiences for these two projects don’t overlap much, and I’m known under different names for

Anticareerist Memes: Laurie Penny on the Abolition of ‘Work’

To close out 2016, I have one last-minute creative offering for you all: a new quote meme I made, featuring more of feminist writer Laurie Penny’s inspiring words.  This quote is taken from her essay “Let’s Not Abolish Sex Work, Let’s Abolish All Work.” It gets right to the heart of what my Rethinking the

Anticareerist Memes: Why Must We Pay? (Kellia Ramares-Watson)

The late writer and feminist activist Kellia Ramares-Watson, whom I met at a conference just a few months before she died in 2015, often asked: “Why must we pay to live on the planet we’re born on?” It’s a question designed to spur critical thinking about the oppressive systemic requirement that all able-bodied adults “earn

The BIG Patreon Creator Pledge

I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of unconditional basic income for over 20 years, starting with my former project Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery (CLAWS) and its website whywork.org, and continuing on with Rethinking the Job Culture.  I am happy to announce that I have taken the Basic Income Guarantee Patreon Creator Pledge. In solidarity

Gift-Model Crowdfunding: Why I Love Patreon

Patreon is a relative newcomer in the crowdfunding arena. It’s only been around for three years, and less than a year in its current design incarnation. It’s growing rapidly, however, and for excellent reason. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms that operate on a strictly per-project basis, Patreon permits creators to fund their creative work on a

D. JoAnne Swanson on Patreon

Greetings, folks!  I’m excited to announce that I’ve just launched a Patreon account, and I’ve set it up entirely on a gift model.  Great news: I am in communication with a publisher who is interested in On The Leisure Track, my half-finished book manuscript.  It’s a personal narrative about decolonizing time and the process of

New interview with D. JoAnne Swanson in Positive News

I am interviewed in a new article in the UK-based quarterly Positive News alongside some illustrious company, including Tom Hodgkinson of The Idler and Helena Norberg-Hodge of the International Society for Ecology and Culture, who was a keynote speaker at The Economics of Happiness conference I recently attended in Portland, OR. Both are people whose

Recommended Reading: Ethan Miller – Occupy, Connect, Create

It’s been many months since my last update here. I still keep up the Facebook page a bit more frequently, but since I’ve been getting a few e-mail queries lately about the status of this blog, I should be clear about the reason for the lack of updates. Most of my limited writing time is